Lisa-Marie Komp



2016                  Book Chapter

‘The Duty to Assist Persons in Distress: An Alternative Source of Protection against the Return of Migrants and Asylum Seekers to the High Seas?’ In V. Moreno-Lax and E. Papastavridis (Eds.) (2016),  ‘Boat Refugees and Migrants at Sea: A Comprehensive Approach’, pp. 222-247, DOI:10.1163/9789004300750_011 Brill,


2015                    EJIL: Talk!

Organizer of the symposium on behalf of the ESIL Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law and co-author of the introduction: The (Ab)normality of Migration and the Legal Position of Migrants, available at:


2014                    Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

How the Responsibility to Protect Influences the Security Council’s Powers, Limits and Dynamic, issue 4 (2013) 315-353.