Paolo Cuttitta

Publications since 2013


Edited works

  • Intrasformazione. Rivista di Storia delle Idee (special section on border deaths), 5(1), 2016, pp. 32-182

  • Lessico. Intrasformazione. Rivista di Storia delle Idee (special section on borders), 4(2), 2015, pp. 1-48


Articles (peer reviewed)

  • La frontière Lampedusa. Mises en intrigue du sécuritaire et de l’humanitaire. Cultures & Conflits, 99/100, 2015, pp. 99-115

  • La « frontiérisation » de Lampedusa. Comment se construit une frontière. L’Espace politique, 9(1), 2015

  • Migration Control in the Mediterranean Grenzsaum. Reading Ratzel in the Strait of Sicily. Journal of Borderlands Studies, 29(2), 2014, pp. 117-131.

  • Borderizing the Island. Setting and Narratives of the Lampedusa Border Play. ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, 13(2), 2014, pp.196-219.


Book chapters

  • Humanitarianism and Migration in the Mediterranean Borderscape. The Italian-North African Border Between Sea Patrols and Integration Measures. In C. Brambilla, J. Laine, J. W. Scott and G. Bocchi (eds.), Borderscaping: Imaginations and Practices of Border Making, Ashgate, Farnham-Burlington 2015, pp. 131-140

  • Territorial and Non-territorial: The Mobile Borders of Migration Controls. In A.-L. Amilhat-Szary and F. Giraut (eds.), Borderities, the mobile border hypothesis. Towards a post-modern conceptualization of space and borders, Palgrave-McMillan, Basingstoke 2015, pp. 241-255


Other journal articles

  • Ricerca e soccorso indipendenti nel Canale di Sicilia. Intrasformazione, 5(1), 2016, pp. 130-139

  • Intrasformazione, 5(1), 2016, pp. 32-35

  • Quali confini? Intrasformazione, 4(2), 2015, pp. 1-4

  • Lampedusa tra produzione e rappresentazione del confine. Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana 23(44), 2015, pp. 31-45

  • Mare Nostrum e la retorica umanitaria. Intrasformazione, 4(1), 2015, pp. 128-140


Working papers

  • From the Cap Anamur to Mare Nostrum. Humanitarianism and Migration Controls at the EU’s Maritime Borders. In Matera and A. Taylor (eds.), The Common European Asylum System and Human Rights: Enhancing Protection in Times of Emergencies, CLEER Working Papers, 7, 2014, pp. 21-37


Book reviews

  • Il confine come metodo (review of S. Mezzadra and B. Neilson, Confini e frontiere. La moltiplicazione del lavoro nel mondo globale). Intrasformazione, 3(2), 2014, pp. 165-168.


Press articles

  • Europe’s borders must stop bleeding. Onafhangelijk magazine van de Vrije Universiteit, 20.11.2013

  • Sta toe dat vissers helpen na ‘Lampedusa’… (with T. Spijkerboer). NRC Handelsblad, 8.10.2013, p. 17


Online articles and reports

  • Migrant Deaths: Data, Trends and Possible Causes, 27 April 2016

  • Morti in mare: dati, tendenze e possibili cause, 26 April 2016

  • MOAS, MSF e Sea Watch: ricerca e soccorso indipendenti nel post-Mare Nostrum, 25 July 2015

  • MOAS, MSF and Sea Watch: Independent Search and Rescue Services Following the End of Mare Nostrum

  • Deaths at the Borders: la banca dati delle morti alle frontiere UE, 12 May 2015

  • Morire in mare, uno studio sulle vittime, 24 April 2015

  • Israele, una giornata al confine con l’Egitto. Dal centro di soggiorno obbligato di Holot alla barriera anti-profughi, 18 March 2015

  • Spectral vessels (with T. Baird and T. Spijkerboer), 18 January 2015

  • Grazie per gli orsacchiotti. Lampedusa e le sue bare, l’Europa e i suoi valori, 24 June 2014

  • Aprite quella porta, 8 October 2013

  • EU-Grensdoden, 2 October 2013